Meet some of your 2019 Summer Camp Staff!

Give a big cheer for your Business Director, Bethanne Martin! Bethanne has a long standing history with Camp Marengo. All four of her kids attended Marengo and three of them worked on staff. She served as Head Cook for one summer before taking over as the Business Director. This is her second year working for Marengo under that title and she is so excited to see what this summer holds! Have questions for Bethanne? Feel free to contact her at bethanne@campmarengo.com.

Say hello to your Summer Camp Program Coordinator, Katlyn Martin! Katlyn was a camper at Marengo for many years, counseled for three years, was on staff for two years, and this is her second year as the Summer Camp Program Coordinator. Katlyn is also a current Resident Director at Anderson University. She is recently married to Joshua Martin and together they have a lovely little dog named Tuna (maybe you’ll get to meet her this summer!). Have questions for Katlyn? Feel free to contact her at kjmartin@anderson.edu.

WHAT IS UP? This is your Website and Counselor Coordinator for 2019, Sam Stimer! Sam has attended camp since she was in third grade, camping every summer, counseling as soon as she could, and then joining staff. She has been on staff going on four years now, but this is her first summer serving as Website and Counselor Coordinator. She is a lover of eating doritos and hiking and hopes to do both as much as she can this coming summer. She is beyond pumped to spend another summer at camp and cannot wait to see everyone! Have questions for Sam? Feel free to contact her at samstimer@gmail.com.

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