Meet your 2019 Summer Camp Staff!

Give a big cheer for your Business Director, Bethanne Martin! Bethanne has a long standing history with Camp Marengo. All four of her kids attended Marengo and three of them worked on staff. She served as Head Cook for one summer before taking over as the Business Director. This is her second year working for Marengo under that title and she is so excited to see what this summer holds! Have questions for Bethanne? Feel free to contact her at bethanne@campmarengo.com.

Say hello to your Summer Camp Program Coordinator, Katlyn Martin! Katlyn was a camper at Marengo for many years, counseled for three years, was on staff for two years, and this is her second year as the Summer Camp Program Coordinator. Katlyn is also a current Resident Director at Anderson University. She is recently married to Joshua Martin and together they have a lovely little dog named Tuna (maybe you’ll get to meet her this summer!). Have questions for Katlyn? Feel free to contact her at kjmartin@anderson.edu.

WHAT IS UP? This is your Website and Counselor Coordinator for 2019, Sam Stimer! Sam has attended camp since she was in third grade, camping every summer, counseling as soon as she could, and then joining staff. She has been on staff going on four years now, but this is her first summer serving as Website and Counselor Coordinator. She is a lover of eating doritos and hiking and hopes to do both as much as she can this coming summer. She is beyond pumped to spend another summer at camp and cannot wait to see everyone! Have questions for Sam? Feel free to contact her at samstimer@gmail.com.

Meet Josh Martin, our Snack Stand Manager and all around cool guy for Camp Marengo. Josh is a  Senior at Regent University and has been attending camp for about 12 years now with this being his fourth year on staff. Josh loves working in the snack stand because that means he gets to talk to every camper, counselor, and volunteer. His favorite word is sesquicentennial (he claims he does not need to give an explanation as to why this is) and his favorite story from the bible is the story of Daniel! Josh got married this past fall to Katlyn (our Summer Program Coordinator) and his favorite memory is seeing Camp Marengo decorated for his wedding day. Make sure you visit us this summer so you can ask Josh why his favorite word is sesquicentennial!

Say hello to our First Aid Coordinator, Kristen Everhart (aka Krissy)! Krissy is a junior at Otterbein University and has been attending camp since she was in third grade. This will be her 4th year on staff. She doesn’t really have a favorite word… “instead she just makes up weird noises. She doesn’t always know what to say so she just makes a weird noise and her friends and family just know what she is feeling or thinking based off of that!” Her favorite scripture is 2 corinthians 12:-10 and she is most looking forward to making new memories this summer! Speaking of memories, her favorite camp memory would have to be chapel. She got the chance to help lead worship last year and she loved getting to see the heart our campers have and watching them pour out everything they have during worship. Come visit us this summer to worship with Krissy!

This is one of our Area Manager for the guys, Scotty Harper! Scotty is 21 and an outdoor recreation and education major at Ohio University. He has been attending camp for nine years and this is his third on staff. His favorite word is creativity because every time he sees God’s creativity every day. He loves the story of Noah and how God’s forgiveness shines through it. His favorite memory of camp was his very first year and how quickly he made friends and how much he immediately felt loved. He hopes to create that same atmosphere for our campers this summer. Come make friends with Scotty this summer at Camp Marengo!

Say hey to Matteson Watts! She is 19, and currently works at Panera Bread (“s/o to Mother Bread”). This will be her second year on our staff. Her favorite word is worthy because it holds so much meaning to her and her journey with Christ and finding her worth through Him. Her favorite bible verse is 2 Corinthians 12:8-10 because it reminds her that Christ is strong for her, even when she feels weak. Her favorite memory of Camp Marengo is, oddly enough, the time last summer she fits 10 of our waffles in her mouth! She is most looking forward to stargazing in the ball field and caring for our hallowed grounds and the Lord’s spirit there. Come eat waffles and explore our camp with Mattie this summer!

Meet our other guy Area Manager this year, Dan Teater! Dan is a sophomore at Anderson university (God Bless, Go Ravens) studying Psychology/Youth Leadership Development and this is his second year on our staff. His favorite word is “flabbergasted” because “its a funny word and you’re always in for an interesting story when a person can describe their emotions using it”. His favorite bible story is also Daniel (lots of lion fans on our staff). His favorite Camp Marengo memory is when he had devotions with his cabin one night in the ball field and when they went out there was not a single star, but as soon as they got done praying they looked up and could see a sky full of stars! He hopes to help create moments like those for our campers this summer. If you want to stargaze and learn more about God in the wonder of it all, be sure to say hey to Dan this summer!


Meet your Assistant Cook, Kelsea McCullough! Kelsea is 23 and recently graduated from Anderson University and currently work as a barista/ airplane cleaner. She has attended camp for seven years, but this will be her first year on staff! Her favorite bible story is Daniel (told you we had a lot of lions fans) because of Daniel’s example of strength in faith. Plus, she loved the veggie tales version as a kid! Speaking of strength, that is her favorite word because she is constantly reminded of God when she hears it. Her favorite memory of camp is PAC (performing arts camp) and just spending an intimate week with people who are all interested in the same thing as her. She is looking forward to helping run that this summer. Come to one our specialty camps and hang out with Kelsea!

We are so excited to introduce our Worship Intern for this summer, Caleb Norris! Caleb is 22 and a junior at Asbury University. Caleb has counseled for four years at camp, but this will be his first year working on our staff full time! His favorite word is “propriety because if you say it with a British accent it sounds cool”. His favorite story from the bible is the story of Hagar because she is the first person in scripture to call on God and give him a name, El Roi, which means the God who sees. He loves that one of the first attributes given to God is that He sees us! He is most looking forward to being around the campers this summer, seeing them get closer to God in worship and challenged in a safe environment filled with love. His favorite camp memory is the one year he accidentally flipped a golf cart…. Oh no! Hear the whole story this summer from Caleb himself!

Meet your Area Manager for the gals, Olivia Potts. She is 19 years old and a freshman at MVNU. She has attended Camp Marengo as a camper for as long as she can remember and was a counselor her senior year, but this is her first year on our staff! Her favorite word in bubble because, no matter what, the word always makes people smile. Her favorite bible verse is Romans 12:12. It really speaks to her because it constantly reminds her to be herself. Her favorite camp memory is when she was a counselor for C3. No matter where they were or what they were doing, someone in the cabin would say “tarantula” and the whole cabin would sing their tarantula theme song. She is most looking forward to all the different people she will get to hang out with this summer. She can’t wait to see who God introduces her to and hopes He will work through her this summer! If you want to know what exactly the tarantula theme song is and how it goes, make sure you come visit Olivia this summer!

Say hey to another member of our program staff and one part of our Night Watch, Xavier Coppel. Xavier is 21 and a senior at Otterbein University. This is his 14 year attending camp, but his first year on our staff. His favorite word is a drum word, Pata Fla Fla, because it is weird and fun to say! His favorite bible story is the story of Solomon. His favorite memory from camp is hanging out with Scotty Harper and he can’t wait to do that all summer! If you also can’t wait to hang out with Scotty Harper, make sure you register to come to Camp Marengo this summer!

Meet Mandi Hamilton, a 22-year-old Junior at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is a part of our program staff and attended camp for 9 years in many capacities, but this is her first summer on full staff! Her favorite word is Lagom – it’s a Swedish word that doesn’t directly translate but loosely means “not too much, not too little. just the right amount.” She tries to practice this and live a life of balance! Plus it’s just fun to say! Her favorite story is that of Esther. She thinks it is a beautiful story of persistence, resilience, being called to action, and girl power! Some of her favorite camp memories include the prayer walks through the woods at night, cabin area talent shows, sleeping under the stars, and any summer counseling or working on our Jr. Staff. This summer she is looking forward to being with our campers and old friends. She is excited to see God move. If you are also excited about God’s movement in our campers, consider volunteering as a counselor for a week!

Say hey to the other half of our Night Watch crew, Antonio Cooper (he is the one with mud all over his face)! He is 19 and works at Sam’s Club. He has been a part of our Camp Marengo family for two years and this is his first on staff. His favorite word is positivity because that is what he strives to be and surround himself with. He finds it important to be able to give people the extra boost they made need. His favorite bible verse is Mark 10:45 because it is a good mantra for how we should approach serving. He is looking forward to being with us for a full summer, instead of just a few weeks, and creating relationships with campers, counselors, and other staff members! His favorite memory is every night of worship. He just thinks there is something so powerful about all of our voices singing to God. If you want to be a part of our worship this summer with Antonio, consider volunteering with us!

Say hello to Harmony Brown, a member of our program staff! Harmony is 18, a sophomore in college, and currently works at Winans Chocolates and Coffee Shop. Harmony has been going to camp marengo since 2014 and this is her first year on staff! Her favorite word is “yikes” because she can always say it when she doesn’t know what to say and her favorite verse is Colossians 3:15. Her favorite memories at camp always involved singing, whether its at worship or because of a mail call. She is most looking forward to losing her voice at campfires this summer singing out songs as loud as she can. Sing with Harmony this summer at Camp Marengo!