Worship Internship

Camp Marengo is offering a Worship Internship for the summer of 2019! The internship will be paid and follow the same schedule as our staff (beginning May 26th and ending July 6th with the option to work extra weeks in July).

The main focus of the internship will be directing our worship team. This includes choosing songs relevant to our theme, helping our team find a cohesive sound, leading worship alongside the rest of the team, planning each morning and evening worship lineup, and making worship relevant to each age group. Along with worship directing responsibilities, you will also be expected to fully participate in our staff. This could include our kitchen staff, lifeguarding, team building activates, supervision/security, and more. The worship intern will report to and work with the Camp Coordinator to ensure growth for the intern and the worship staff. Experience with youth leadership in some capacity and worship is required, worship leading experience is a plus!

Also, please know that this is the first time we are offering this internship and we are willing to change what it looks like in order to meet any internship requirements you may have for your university.

If you think this sounds like something you are interested, please fill out the online application below! We look forward to talking with you about this exciting new opportunity. 

Follow the directions below to fill out the online application!

  1. Fill out online application here
  2. Download the references forms here and send them to your two references (one pastor and one of your choosing) for them to fill out and send to Bethanne. Reference Form
  3. Wait for a call from Camp Marengo! You should receive a confirmation email as soon as your application begins to be processed. For now, pray over your application and yourself. We look forward to talking with you!